Submission Guidelines

We’re looking for books from 5,000–100,000 words. We will consider other submissions at our discretion. We would like to read fiction (both poetry & prose), and nonfiction.

Formatting Your Submission

  • Please type your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and manuscript word count in the upper right hand corner of the first page of your manuscript.
  • Please include a page number in the centre of each page’s footer.
  • In addition to this, for all prose and nonfiction, please attach a detailed synopsis, and for poetry a concept note that explains what you aim to do with the collection of poetry.
  • For poetry manuscripts, we need to see a minimum of 30 poems or 6000 words, in addition to the concept note mentioned above.
  • Prose Manuscripts must be in A4, double spaced, justified, with size 12 Garamond or any other serif font. 
  • Please send us a PDF and a Word file (.docx/.doc).

Please email your submission to Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we may not be able to reply to each and every submission.

If we choose to publish your manuscript, we will take care of the formatting, design, layout, and cover, and all other aspects of the publishing process.

Feel free to contact us for more details, or any help.

This is a unique chance to get published, and to see your work on Amazon, in bookstores, and as an E-Book.