Other Services

Apart from publishing books, Bombaykala Books provides the following services:

Web Design

Our team at Bombaykala Books maintains and runs this website, apart from the websites of The Mumbai Art CollectiveThe Creative Process, and academic conferences worldwide. We can customise solutions for you to accept payments securely, run an online store, and manage the editorial process through your website itself.

Book Design

Like the way our books are designed? Contact us for an instant quote, at sales@bombaykala.com.

Launch Events

The Bombaykala Books team has been hosting and managing book launches for almost a year now, across Mumbai and New Delhi. If you’d like us to be involved with and assist you in your book launch, do let us know!

Copy Editing, Poetry Editing, and Comprehensive Editing

Why don’t you let our expert editors have a look at your manuscript before you send it out to publishers? Your book will go through the same intensive process that any other books we publish will go through. Do note that any editorial work we do on your manuscript has no bearing on whether we accept your book or not.