Brenda Rodrigues

Brenda Rodrigues is multi-talented: as a teenager she sang with a well-known orchestra; on stage she was a prolific actress and went on to adapt, write and direct plays herself;  her flair for interior decoration got both her homes first in Mumbai, then in Goa, featured in magazines; she actively assists in conducting corporate training programmes all over India; and she writes. Brenda’s talent for writing was honed by a voracious appetite for reading, and a delight in expressing herself in letters. From contributing inspirational pieces to the church bulletin, to having her articles carried in the travel section of The Times of India, The Indian Express and The Delhi Economic Times, she progressed to co-authoring and publishing a coffee-table book Lydia Brides with her husband Joe, and then brought out her travelogue My Journey Through Wonderlands, in June 2012.

The six-year fight she and her husband put up to preserve their ancestral property in Bandra’s prime commercial area is recounted in her next book, interwoven with family stories of the aristocratic man who built the house on the plot where it all happened and the fashionista who made the address known worldwide.


The House at 43, Hill Road, Bandra

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