Book Announcement: When Home Is An Idea

Author: Rochelle D’Silva
Genre: Poetry

Page Count: 70
ISBN 13: 978-8193642818
ISBN 10: 8193642813
Trim: 5 x 8 inches

When Home Is An Idea is a collection of poems that talk about poet Rochelle D’Silva’s struggles with identity and belonging. Her poems are deeply personal, but speak of universal themes like longing and travel. When Home Is An Idea challenges the notion of belonging and being home. Divided into three parts; But What Is Home Anyway, Limbo and The Re-Return, each section of the book explores the overarching theme of belonging.


Rochelle D’silva was born and raised in Bombay, but has called many places home. She returned to Bombay in 2014, after eighteen years away. She is known as a spoken word poet, and has performed on numerous stages around the world. This book is her first solo collection of poetry. She endorses hugs.

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