Book Announcement: A Bombay In My Beat

Author: Mrinalini Harchandrai
Genre: Jazz poetry

Page Count: 170
ISBN 13: 978-8193642801
ISBN 10:8193642805
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Mrinalini Harchandrai’s first collection of poetry, A Bombay In My Beat, offers a literary ear to the songs and frequencies from the music player during her growing years and the soundtracks of the city, which find their way into her personal expression. She says, “Music and poetry are siblings that complete each other’s sentences, employing the syntax of rhythm and rasa.” With a nod to the jazz poetry of Langston Hughes and the inflected locution of Beat Generation poets, here is a collection that searches out the sound of slanting truths. The result is a sonorous vaudeville on the page that is poignant, whimsical and intimate, exploring themes on anything from urbanness, politics, human connection and Louis Armstrong’s baritone.


Mrinalini Harchandrai is a writer based in Mumbai. Her poems have appeared in literary journals like The Bombay ReviewThe Bangalore ReviewVayavya, Earthen Lamp Journal,The Joao Roque Literary Review and The Quill Magazine. She won first prize for her poem ‘The Slippers’ in The Barre, for The Ballet Festival of India 2017. Her poems also feature in Sahitya’s Akademi’s anthology, Modern English Poetry By Younger Indians.

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