Arputharani Sengupta

Dr. Arputharani Sengupta is best known for the cultural history of ancient India. Her latest book The Silk Road Fabrics: The Stein Collection in the National Museum of India (2018) demonstrates the Cultural Revolution brought by the contact between East and West during the Greco-Scythian Kushana Dynasty in South Asia. The upshot of teaching Art History for nearly thirty-five years reinforces analytical research published in Buddhist Art and Culture: Symbols & Significance. Vol.2 (2013), Indus Valley Seals Navigate Sundarbans Tiger (2016), Kailasanatha Temple: The Realm of Immortals (2009), Manimekalai: Dancer with Magic Bowl (2005) and Art of Terracotta: Cult and Cultural Synthesis in India (2004). The forthcoming Jewellery in Buddhist Reliquary Cult: Magic Symbols fuse the heady brew of investigative archaeology, astronomy and alchemy animating early works of art.

Besides contributing to several edited volumes, Sengupta has edited God & King: Devaraja Cult in South and Southeast Asian Art and Architecture (2005) and Cult of the Goddess (2014), the proceedings of two conventions conceptualized as Professor at the National Museum Institute, New Delhi, where she was the D.P. Mishra Chair Professor of the History of Art.

  • The Immortals (July 2018)

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